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Welcome to LEATHEREX.

The company was founded with a mission to become a high-quality manufacturer of footwear and contribute to the development of the leather sector in Bangladesh. Over the years, we have provided tremendous support to the domestic cattle industry and contributed to the development of the leather industry in Bangladesh. From its humble beginning in 2000, Leatherex has become a global player by manufacturing finest footwear brands. Our products reflect exceptional design, craftsmanship, a great level of customer satisfaction, and modern fashion trends. I am pleased to note that Leatherex is a local company, but we have imprinted the brand in the global marketplace.

The liberation war of 1971 which led to the creation of Bangladesh as an independent country endures a brutal one. The country was ravaged, its economic backbone shattered, and the infrastructure in absolute ruins. But most importantly, millions of men, women, and children made the ultimate sacrifice with their lives to create Bangladesh. We commemorate their sacrifices with every breath we take.

Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, Bangladesh now is a vibrant country with promising prospects ahead. We are honored to remain a partner in the development of Bangladesh. We have also proven our competency in the global market as a reliable manufacturer of outstanding quality and brand-name leather footwear. “Made in Bangladesh” inscribed in international brands highlights our country’s image globally. We are delighted to obtain a part of this honor.

On behalf of LEATHEREX,

Mohammed Nazmul Hassan, Managing Director.


Mohammed Nazmul Hassan
Managing Director



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