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Slide leatherex-footwear Cover Image 1 Slide Compliance Craftsmanship Sustainability Slide Six times national export trophy winner Winner of National Export Trophy for 2001-2002 (Silver), 2005-2006 (Gold), 2008-2009 (Gold) & 2009-2010 (Silver), Winner of "Dun & Bradstreet Corporate Awards-2010 "
(As The 16th Ranking Company Out Of Top 500 Of Bangladesh)


Leatherex Footwear Industries Limited is recognized for its 100% export-oriented leather footwear industry which is driven by its remarkable manufacturing style and outstanding craftsmanship. It is now a leading footwear industry in Bangladesh, catering to the footwear needs of global clientele.

Founded in March 2000, Leatherex has utilized the most modern state-of-the-art machinery to produce footwear and its manufacturing operations are both automated and manual. This allows a yearly production of up to 800,000 pairs of shoes and sandals. Leatherex operates under technical collaboration with Japan, Italy, Germany and Taiwan.

Working experience in the field of leather processing, component & material development, product development and utilization of craftsmanship have contributed to shaping the company into what it is today.

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